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Post  GarryP on Sun 01 Aug 2010, 5:27 pm

I will keep this short but I will posting the FULL & UNEDITED works of fiction that are laughably called "Abuse Reports". As you will see for yourselves the vast majority of these so called "Abuse Reports" have all been written and sent via the same sad individual(s), The individual(s) concerned have for all too long been waging a campaign of HATE FUELLED CYBER-BULLYING & HARASSMENT using a variety of web sites but mainly facebook. Well seeing as I have decided to stand up to these BULLIES and yes I have named them and outed them as the BULLIES, LIARS & PSYCHOPATHS that they really are, they are now actively trying to ABUSE, BULLY, INSULT and HARASS me into stopping. BUT sadly for them I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!

Anyway in the posts below I am PUBLICLY RELEASING the FULL & UNEDITED contents of the ABUSE REPORTS that these sad individuals are filing and sending in via the "Report an Abuse" link as shown at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You will see from the same type of language used, the same style, composition of the writing and same errors in the punctuation and grammar that these messages all appear to come from the same illiterate, malformed and clearly delusional individual(s).

I am pleased that I can honestly that no member of staff at these forums has ever sent these people or anybody else for that matter the same kind of ABUSIVE, INSULTING or THREATENING messages. NOT IN THE PAST, NOT EVER! I am almost certain that none of my British friends have ever done so either, YET THESE PEOPLE SEND THEM TO US, ALL THE TIME!

I know for a fact and I know that this could and would be backed by my the ISP data records of not just my close friends, but also the ISP data records of myself and the data records of facebook that neither my British friends or myself have ever sent any of those people any kind of abusive messages. In most cases neither my close friends or myself even bother to reply, as these people are not worth the time or the effort. Thankfully my friends and I know that the evidence is all there in the data records to prove we neither send this kind of stuff nor do we reply.

Anyway I will posting ALL of the abuse reports, especially those which are false and contain abusive and insulting messages in this section, they will be posted as and when they are received in date order. They will be posted in monthly thread.

So read them and see what you think: Abuse Reports or just ABUSIVE MESSAGES?


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