About this NEW V.I.P section!

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About this NEW V.I.P section!

Post  GarryP on Thu 10 Feb 2011, 5:37 pm

Well after receiving yet another whinging, monotonous jumble of words from a certain cretin, I have decided that we need a BRAND NEW section. This section will be decicated to those who are V.I.P's mind you that "P" does not stand for person(s) Oh No, no, no.

So in this new forum section I have decided to highlight certain troublesome individuals, by giving them their very own mini section. I intend to publish anything and everything that we feel is relevant to the person concerned, anybody who is placed in this section will have all their known details, Watch List entries any messages, wall comments that they may have sent/posted all published in the top post, we will call that top post their CASE FILE!

Example: The JOHN DOE case FILE!

The top post will only be accessible by admin, but we will also add an individual (exclusive) discussion thread.

All we ask is that members please try and refrain from name calling and personal insults, lets leave that kind of behaviour to others! As I have said before we are much better than that, we are better people than they will ever be, so lets continue to prove that point!

This is a public section, meaning that anybody and everybody can see and read all of the information and comments posted herein, how ever if you wish to post, comment or even start a thread then you will need to register.


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