Abuse Reports or ABUSIVE messages, August 2011!

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Abuse Reports or ABUSIVE messages, August 2011!

Post  GarryP on Wed 16 Nov 2011, 9:17 pm

**** Abuse Reports: August, 2011 ****

** Last Update: 31/08/2011 **

** Total Complaints/Abuse Reports Received this month: 002 **

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I have published these so that *EVERYBODY* can see the REAL NATURE of those people who has filed these "ABUSE REPORTS", I hope this will aid and enable not only, non members, but prospective members, my hosting company and the hosts of the freeforums site to see the kind of people we are trying to deal with.

The following are the so called complaints that people have filed using the "Report Abuse Link" at the bottom right hand side of the page.

NOTE: If when reading this you still feel the urge and the need to send an "Abuse Report" then you can either use the "Report an abuse" link shown at the bottom left on the screen or you can use this new email address especially for you to use:


So there you go "every little helps!"

PLEASE NOTE: That these are COMPLETE & UNEDITED! If you want to discuss them let me know and I will set up a specific discussion thread for them, I think you guys will agree that the following just goes to show, the difference between them and us. We being grown ups and mature adults we stick we to making grown up remarks and well these kids just do the only they can and that is send pathetic whines, laughable yet impotent and empty threats. Still I will be posting all of those here! These "Abuse Reports" are supposed to be anonymous but with the right know how and expertise it is possible to extract all the information a person needs to identify the source and sender of the message.

As you will see below the people who have filed these so called "ABUSE REPORTS" have in fact abused that system and used it to send their usual and sadly all to predictable ABUSIVE, INSULTING & THREATENING MESSAGES! But you will see this for yourselves, I personally believe that the so called "ABUSE REPORTS" as shown below says a great deal about the personality and the PSYCHOTIC nature of these idividuals and its SYCOPHANTIC followers.

I would like to make it clear, that nobody who is involved in the day to day running of these forums, have ever sent anyone an ABUSIVE, INSULTING or THREATENING MESSAGE! We have not sent anybody any such messages at all FACT! However these spineless idiots and bullies seem to think it is OK for them to send such messages. Anyway read on, see the CRAP that my friends and I have had to put up with on an almost daily basis, look at the EVIDENCE, look at the FACTS and then you can judge for yourselves.

As it is it is not supposed to be possible to reply to this so called "Abuse Reports". But you will see that I have added my thoughts and a comment to some of them, although to be honest most of them are the usual pathetic whines, moans and empty and hollow threats.

I have COPIED & PASTED these and they are in order of Date Received!

* * * * *

From: This could be from one of 2 possible SUSPECTS (bullshitters/fuckwits) 1 american, 1 English.
But given the incorrect spelling, I think it is the former and usual, thus:

From: Kyler Dunst [ kylerdunst3@yahoo.com ] (SUSPECTED)
Sent/Received via: Forum Abuse Report Form
Date & Time Sent/Received: 23/08/2011
Subject: [ABUSE REPORT] Labelled as SPAM!

Message content:

"cannot see the watchlist or is it for your specialist pedophile ring"

Official reply/comment:

Due to the lack of quality and originality of the above, NO comment is required!

* * * * *
From: Kyler Dunst [ kylerdunst3@yahoo.com ]
Sent/Received via: Forum Abuse Report Form
Date & Time Sent/Received: 30/08/2011

Message content:

"Persistence is a virtuality, with overwhelming results. Remember that! I see you are losing the fat, what's wrong, don't the choirboys like fat guys. hahahahaha I always win Garry, Ask The Hamilton's Looks like their forum is closing. Yours is next"

Official reply/comment:

Dear, dear it is a shame that some people cannot even quote a simple old saying correctly! But still what others do with and in their forums is of NO concern to me, as I have NEVER even visited those boards neither do I intend to visit them either, as I really have no interest in them. Still I can promise you one thing little boy, my forums are NOT going anywhere. So get used to the idea. Remember too that facebook are only to happy to disable any accounts that you may set up, how many profiles have you got? How many have you had disabled?

Well Nathan and me, we are still on our FIRST accounts! Shame that you and all your friends and yes I do mean ALL your friends cannot say the same thing!

So suck on that, you pathetic little twat!

* * * * *

I will post more of these, as when I receive these wonderfully crafted and ever so cleverly worded "ABUSE REPORTS"!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I have published these so that *EVERYBODY* can see the REAL NATURE of those people who has filed these "ABUSE REPORTS"!

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