Watch List additions a comment from GarryP! *Edited 24/01/2012)

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Watch List additions a comment from GarryP! *Edited 24/01/2012)

Post  GarryP on Fri 20 Jan 2012, 4:54 pm

IMPORTANT: Before reading this I want it to be CRYSTAL CLEAR that if you are currently on my facebook friends list, then the following is NOT aimed at ANY FRIENDS PERSONALLY! It is aimed at people who are NOT my facebook friends & THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

If you disagree with anything below, or you are upset by the fact it may well concern some friends of yours, then so be it! But I will say again NONE OF THE BELOW IS AIMED AT ANYT CURRENT FACEBOOK FRIENDS!

I just want to make it clear that I stand by EACH & EVERY name and profile that I have added to the watch lists, both historically (meaning in the past) and those which have been added more recently.

I also wish to point out that despite what some idiots and fuckwits might say and worse mights sadly believe too, but I HAVE NOT, NOR WILL I EVER add a person to our Watch Lists just because and I quote from its* wall "not people just cos he doesn't like their pics!"

*See bottom of this post for the two complete facebook wall comments.

The truth is I only add people when I do have evidence, I have not and again never will add people to our watch lists because:

a) I (or any other staff member/admin) do not like them!
b) I (or any other staff member/admin) may have fell out with them!
c) Or due to some petty squabble!
d) Neither will add (OR REMOVE) a person just because somebody may not agree!

The fact is that we have removed several people from our watch lists, some of those people are not what I would class as friends either and going on their recent and current attitudes they will not be friends either. But that is their choice. If people wish to continue to shit stir and if those people are not willing to let the past go, then that is their problem NOT mine. THOSE PEOPLE KNOW WHO THEY ARE! The truth is we have bent over backwards trying to smooth over the past, the truth is there is so many times a person can apologise. Well I have personally apologised to those people and they know it, Thankfully I have got the proof as I still have all the messages both sent and yes received. But as of today I have had enough, there is now a line in the sand. If those people wish to cross it, then that is solely up to them, but I will say just these two last things.

If you wish to contine with never ending sniping and snide remarks that is up to you, but you will NEVER get another chance of frienship with me. However just because you have over stepped that mark that will not mean you get added to the watch lists again. But if the trouble goes on and on and I hear that things are being said then that will be the reason for such actions to be considered.

So the choice is yours, I hope that we can continue to co-exist, if not even get along!

Stay Safe & Best Wishes.,



Posted Thursday 19/01/2012 (approx 16:30 GMT):
Posted by DR: "Ask your pal Pouvey on what fucking basis has he added Nick Jones to the watchlist as a paedophile, tell him he's fucking wrong. Don't know why you are friends with him, he needs to add the right ones not people just cos he doesn't like their pics, what a twat"

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Posted Thursday 19/01/2012 (approx 16:50 GMT):
Posted by DR: "Yeah well I am not happy with it, he has no fucking evidence whatsoever to support his claims, he needs to get his fucking facts right."


Still I guess some people are only showing their true colours, but whatever I really don't give a toss about what some people think or say. Especially when they havve neer been interested in friendship and more importantly when they are not willing to honestly accept any olive branches, Sorry but I am just fed up with picking throwing crap back in my face. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


EDIT: 24/01/2012

Well, well, well, when it comes down to the cruch, it is just a case of who is right and who is wrong! Thankfully this so called Nick Jones character seems hell bent on hanging himself, you see I am always more than willing to give these fakes extra rope as and when they need it, because I know it is a matter of time before they hang themselves. Well it is nice to see that this FAKE & PAEDOPHILE is doing just that, why else would he making friends with OTHER KNOWN FAKES & PAEDOPHILES at the rate of several each day. I think that just goes to show that he was GUILTY AS CHARGED and as for any IDIOTS or FUCKWITS that are his friends well more fool you! Especially those FUCKWITS that try and defend these PAEDOPHILES, you can waste your time, but try and waste mine!

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