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About This Section!

Post  GarryP on Tue 12 Jun 2012, 5:07 pm

We have created this *TROLL related Media, News & Press items* section for the purpose of sharing any articles/items that members may find in the media/news or press that deal with the issue of ONLINE TROLLS!

If you see any press articles that deal with the subject of ONLINE TROLLS, then please feel free to share any such news items in this section.

All we ask is that you share the news item as follows:

Please make sure you clearly state the following:

Source of the article (Name of the website, paper or news channel/agency).

Day and date you saw the news article, please use the following day/date format:

day dd/mm/yyyy

Please also copy and paste a link/URL to the actual news article.

Then lastly please COPY & PASTE the actual TEXT (TEXT ONLY) of the news article, however we would kindly ask that you copy and paste the article as follows, using the header & footer as shown below:

For example:

BBC News
Tuesday 12/06/2012


***Copy & Pasted***

Text only here


If you are reading a post in this section, then you are more than welcome to post a REPLY to a thread if you wish to have you say or you wish to pass a comment on a particular NEWS STORY that has been shared & linked to as described above. All we ask is that you PLEASE use the REPLY button, as seen on the desired post/thread. PLEASE DO NOT START A NEW THREAD!

PLEASE NOTE: This section is a PUBLIC FORUM SECTION, meaning anybody and everybody can see and read the posts/replies & threads in this section. BUT in order to either share a NEWS ARTICLE or to REPLY/COMMENT then you must be a REGISTERED USER OF THESE FORUMS!

Thanks for reading and please stay safe.,

GarryP Wink
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