Watch Lists Checked & Updated 25/07/2012

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Watch Lists Checked & Updated 25/07/2012

Post  GarryP on Wed 25 Jul 2012, 9:39 pm

Wednesday 25th July, 2012.

A handful of *Additional Profile Links* have been added this evening, it appears that many of those FAKES & PAEDOPHILES that facebook disable just can't keep away from facebook, as some of them feel compelled to sign up and set up yet another FAKE profile.

Well that is no surprise to me, as for those paedophiles it is a habit just like a drug addiction. But hey we will find you again and again and again and each time we list your new profile on the watch lists.

NOTE: We are also continuing to manually check through all the "ACTIVE" profiles and edit/update the watch lists where required, this should be completed by tomorrow.

Best Wishes & stay safe.,



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