Quick Note: Why we list INACTIVE & DISABLED facebook profiles!

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Quick Note: Why we list INACTIVE & DISABLED facebook profiles!

Post  GarryP on Sat 15 Sep 2012, 4:50 pm

Please note that due to the growing length of the watch lists, we have had to add an additional page (Page 3).

As with all alphabetical lists, some of the lists beginning with some letters are longer than others, some quite a bit longer. That is why you will see that in some lists we have not even started the 2nd page.

However so as to keep the lists in Alphabetical order we have had to add a 3rd page to each letter/section.

Reminder: The reason we also publicly list INACTIVE & DISABLED facebook accounts/profiles is so that EVERYBODY can see the EVIDENCE that many of the FAKES, PAEDOPHILES & TROUBLE MAKERS we list on our watch lists have already had a facebook account/profile DISABLED by facebook, as you will see looking at our watch lists some of those listed have had MULTIPLE accounts disabled.

That is why we provide the lists of DEACTIVATED/DISABLED accounts, so that you can see the evidence, so that you can see the proof & so that you decide who is telling the TRUTH them or US!

Many Thanks and Stay safe.,



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