Watch Lists Checked & Updated 03/01/2013

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Watch Lists Checked & Updated 03/01/2013

Post  GarryP on Thu 03 Jan 2013, 7:18 pm

Thursday 3rd January, 2013.

The Watch Lists have just been updated.

As a direct result of listed FAKE/PAEDOPHILES latest change of name, we have now merged the following 2 watch lists entries:

Eric J Johnson
Michael Jr Johnson

The above is now listed a single watch list entry ERIC J JOHNSON.

PLEASE NOTE: It is also our firm belief that the FAKE/PAEDOPHILE using the above facebook accounts/profiles is also using the following facebook accounts/profiles:

Dustin Johnson
Jamie Johnson
Lee Johnson
Lee Pauljamie Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Rocky Johnson
Alan Osbourne
Jamie Osbourne
Patrick Williams

Alizabet Rold (Inactive)
Alizabet Johnson (Inactive)
Derrick Johnson (Inactive)

Anyway best wishes & stay safe.,




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